Norwich Sewcials is a community of like-minded sewing enthusiasts that come together to share their passion through workshops, sewing days, events and meetings to swap patterns and discuss all things sewing related. We get together for our general meet-up on the second Tuesday of every month at The Forum.

Initially set up by Pippa (The Fabric Wrangler) and Emma  (Crafty Clyde) in 2016 and having grown over the years to incorporate many wonderful and creative people, we are open to all. Whether you are fresh and new to the world of dressmaking or have been stitching for years there is something for everyone!

As you may appreciate, as Norwich Sewcials grew wonderfully, this also took up a lot of time and effort to run voluntarily. We are now pleased to announce that we can continue our fabric-fuelled mission and carry Norwich Sewcials forward by introducing an option for annual memberships.

Funds from the membership subscriptions will be used to allow us to provide you with more frequent events, fund halls and excursion deposits and assist ticketing so we can bring you the best we can offer.  Hey, there may even be more cake. Who knows?!

Memberships with Norwich Sewcials are entirely optional, you do not need to be a member to come to any of our events, we remain all inclusive, however there will of course be benefits to those who do subscribe.

For £25 per year your Norwich Sewcials membership will entitle you to a membership card granting:

We are of course working to increase these benefits to bring you the best from the sewing world in our area. Should you wish to become a member please do sign up!

You can purchase your membership below and we will post you your membership card ready to use!

1 year annual membership