Welcome to Norwich Sewcials… we are pleased you have found us

Set up in 2016 by Crafty Clyde and The Fabric Wrangler, fed up of having nowhere to express our love of dressmaking and knowing no one who did the same, we started a little group who met for coffee and a chatter about all things sewing related.

Thanks to our lovely community, we grew, and we found each other, and we are now a big group that meets for coffee and chatter! (Plus a lot more these day that’s for sure). And now you’ve found us too…

Whether you have never tried sewing before and want to try your hand at making clothes to see if it’s for you, or whether you’ve been stitching up a storm since time began, we are for you!

Norwich Sewcials is now a sewing events community. Come and stitch, sew, learn and grow in like-minded company.

Emma and Pippa x

(aka Crafty Clyde and The Fabric Wrangler)