I am totally new to sewing, is this for me?

Yes! We welcome budding sewists of all experience levels. If you’re completely new to sewing and just wanted to try it out, come to one of our general meetings, the patterns and experience of others is very helful to get the creative juices going and spark an encouragement to give it a try. We also have workshops aimed at total beginners if you wanted to do that before coming to a mixed-abilty sew day.

Do I need my own sewing machine?

Depending on what you intend to come to this varies. Our general meet-up is just a chance to chat and talk all things sewing - no equipment required! For our sew days a machine is recommended as it is so much better to use your own for your projects. For any beginner’s just starting out - if you already have one, great! Again it is better to learn on your own machine however we do have a limited few sewing machines that we can lend you for the day :)

I don’t know anyone I’m not sure if it’s for me!

Don’t worry, no-one knows anyone else when they first start. We’re a friendly crew and you’ll soon find yourself in great company with a common subject to bond you!

No! Membership is entirely optional, we don’t exclude anyone. Membership does come with the added advantage that you will get priority access to tickets when they go on sale so a few may get snapped up first.

Do I have to be a member to join in with events?

We don’t discrimiate here at Norwich Sewcials, everyone is welcome!

With regard to age we generally say that 14 is the minimum just for health and safety reasons, however if you do have someone younger that you feel would enjoy the experience with you please do contact us first and we’ll see what we can do.

Are you open to all genders and ages?